JC Griffith is a creative director, product designer, and marketing strategist who is passionate about developing innovative solutions to elevate humanity and create a better world.

With a diverse background spanning design, marketing, customer service, construction, entrepreneurship, and Fortune 500 consulting, JC brings a unique perspective and versatile skillset to every project. He has had the privilege of collaborating with visionary organizations such as Google, IBM Watson, Qualcomm, the United Nations, and more.

Growing up in rural Kansas, JC worked a wide range of customer service and blue-collar construction jobs, where he learned the value of developing high-quality customer relationships and discovered his love for the complexity of design and building. He explored various paths in college, from Computer Science and Air Force ROTC to Music and International Business, before finding the perfect blend of design, production, and entrepreneurship in his BSBA in Marketing.

JC kicked off his career as a Digital Marketing Specialist at OwnX, a digital finance startup. There, he honed his skills in data-driven growth, increasing customer conversion rates by 1100% and significantly boosting advertising ROI through website redesigns and marketing strategies. Inspired by the opportunity to learn, he expanded into front-end development and graphic design to bring his ideas to life.

After moving to Los Angeles, JC worked with Fortune 500 companies as a designer and developer before joining XPRIZE, where he was inspired by innovators like Elon Musk using technology to drive transformative change. As XPRIZE’s lead designer and art director, JC delivered creative solutions across digital, print, and experiential media, collaborating on campaigns with Google, IBM Watson, the United Nations, and more.

In 2020, JC launched his own creative agency, Griff Media LLC, where he and his team develop effective marketing strategies and creative production for brands large and small. Most recently, he served as lead product designer for Spiral Health, creating a groundbreaking mobile app to address the global problem of chronic pain.

Alongside his work with Griff Media, JC co-founded 719 Studios, an award-winning production studio rental business. In 2023, their studio was recognized with Peerspace’s Open-Door Award as one of the Top 10 performing spaces in Los Angeles.

Today, JC continues to innovate at the intersection of design, technology, and positive impact. He is excited to collaborate with ambitious companies and individuals who share his vision for shaping a better future. If you’re working on a world-changing project and need a creative partner to bring it to life, let’s connect.

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